Quotes from satisfied clients

Angela Cacciatore (Toronto)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on June 27, 2017

testimonial-hellI was new to the condo market about 6 months ago. I looked at an area which has a lot of new condo development and I thought that I had a lot of choices. I called and talked to different sales offices and agents, they were either too slow to respond or not up to date with current inventory. My budget was on a one bedroom apartment in a building that was just steps away from the subway. The ads for many agents were very appealing including extra sign in bonuses or free iPhone but no one had an unit for me.

I was told to either consider other projects that were much farther from the subway or something a lot bigger. I understood smaller units were more affordable and constantly have a demand for and that was why they were all sold out quickly. Many agents sent me inventory lists that was over a month old which showed old information.

I finally reached Ernestina who told me right off on our first phone call that it was true all small units were gone but it was possible that one of them may still be available. Since she has a good relationship with the developer, she had these insider first hand information that no one had. She quickly called the developer and confirmed it; then she got me a copy of floor plan right away. Once I saw the floor plan, I just loved the size and the exposure of the unit; and within hours she secured it for me. I couldn’t believe it! She also knew that parking was very important for me; with her strategies and persistence; she fought hard for me until I finally got a parking spot.

Her service didn’t stop there. She continued to follow up with me every step of the way making sure I understood everything on the contract. No detail is too small for her; if I had any doubt on certain wording on the contact with the developer; she would clarify it with the developer office; she was always looking out for my interest. She’s really amazing and she’s really in tune with the ever changing market. I was glad that she understood my budget constrain and resolved all my concerns. She was working as hard as she would make her own purchase. I fully trust her expertise and knowledge in real estate; and I highly recommend Ernestina for all your real estate needs.

Jiri Panek & Zaneta Spurna (Toronto)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on June 25, 2017

When we started our search for our new home we met and tried to work with few people in Real Estate. We have met Ernestina  and felt she is the best person for the job. We had few challenges to overcome and during the whole process she has  been there addressing each issue while we always known she had our best interest at heart.Ernestina really is the Realtor that you want on your side and on your team, she thinks on her feet and finds a solution to any issue you may face. She is very professional and highly knowledgeable about what she does.

She has gone above and beyond to help me and my girlfriend when we were looking for our first home in Toronto. And she found our amazing new condo that we love, negotiated the smallest details and we have always felt safe with her through the whole process.. We had only great experiences with Ernestina and we are really grateful to her for all she did for us. If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, Ernestina is the number one that we happily recommend.
Jiri Panek and Zaneta Spurna

Robert Pecalka (Toronto)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on March 10, 2017

It took me little bit of time to adjust to Ernestina’s high energy, quick action and response.
She recommended desired areas for search based on my budget and desired areas. At the time of my property search Ernestina was moving to different place.
She was also going through some leg injury at time. Despite her personal challenges she was able to able to line up 12+ property viewings per day.
It was quite tiring even for me even though I was just passenger in a car.
Despite seeing so many properties, I was not able to choose anything from the properties we saw.
Ernestina set appointment for me to see pre-construction condo town house sales office. With her help, I have decided for a specific unit in the last minute, just before all units, to be finished in near future, got sold out.
Ernestina helped me with securing lawyer for contract review, she helped to add contract amendment. She helped me with multiple emails, phone calls that were exchanged with builder sales person to ensure that everything was dandy.
She also spend few hours with builder designer and I, and helped me to choose best value upgrades for my unit.
I have been contacting Ernestina countless times through emails, messages and phone calls and she responded very quickly.
Whole process would be so much more difficult without her help.

Thank you for all your help Ernestina,

Barbie & Sheldon Derrick (Toronto – Bobcaygeon)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on September 11, 2015

Testmonials Ernestina Birova-laptopA Life Transition Done Well. I was fortunate enough to meet Ernestina when my son was looking for a condo rental. She did such a terrific job of assessing his needs and finding him a wonderful property, that when it came time for my husband and I to sell our large family home in Toronto, she immediately came to mind, although we know several agents. She explained the selling process and guided us through every step from preparing our home to signing on the dotted line when it sold, almost instantly! She helped us set the price, negotiate and close with tremendous professionalism and finesse. It was only natural, then, that we asked for her assistance to relocate to another property, although that move was two hours away. Diligent research and constant communication from Ernestina ensured that we found the new home we sought with relative speed and ease, and once again, we were directed through the process with her experience and guidance. It was a move that intimidated and worried us, but it became a smooth transition and a pleasure. With no hesitation, I recommend Ernestina as an honest, hard-working, astute and knowledgable real estate agent. She is by far, the best real estate professional my husband and I have ever worked with.

Barbie & Sheldon Derrick (Toronto – Bobcaygeon)

Prateek & Neha Ghiya (North York)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on September 11, 2015

Testmonials Ernestina Birova-Best Service

We were looking for our first property – a condo in North York area when we met with Ernestina. As new residents in Toronto and first time buyers with very little experience we had some reservations and also fears and wanted to have our parents with us. Without a hesitation she has accommodated us by including our parents in all showings and listened to all our input and opinions – always ready with great tips and advice for us.  She was always punctual, provided us with all research before meeting us, carried printouts for all the properties which we visited and was willing to accommodate our schedule during weekends and non-business hours. And also during the  buying process and negotiations she was always there with us every step of the way and provided professional referrals for inspectors, mortgage brokers and lawyers. She gave us calculated closing costs and was there for us during the closing to ensure everything went well – even after we received the keys. We felt safe and secure in our choices and during the whole process with her. Ernestina’s best quality – which we liked and really appreciated was that she was ready to wait with us for the right home and did not push us to put an offer on any property which we were not sure of. It took us awhile to find the right place but we were happy that we have waited until it felt right and we felt home.  We are very happy in our new home and thrilled with Ernestina’s help and would confidently recommend her to others.

 Prateek & Neha Ghiya (North York)

Elizabeth Braunova (Etobicoke)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on September 11, 2015

Testmonials Ernestina Birova-Puzzle-
We found Ernestina on the internet when we were looking for our first home. This was a big decision for us and honestly we had some reservations about working with realtor and we were also a bit scared. Ernestina was very personable and really listened to what we were saying and looking for. She advised us throughout the whole process, every step of the way with patience and knowledge, looking out for us and asking questions we would not think about asking. She truly educated us and provided a through research and very reliable referrals for other professionals. There was no pressure but a great service – with great conversations and advice about anything from legal issues to cosmetic details on the house. She new when to move forward and when to hold back and when situations got emotional for us she made sure we did not act in haste. Ernestina truly cares about her clients and wants the best for them. We have lost first two bids for homes in multiple offers competition but finally got the ideal home for us. We felt very comfortable and informed through the whole process of buying our first home and will happily recommend her to our family and friends. Thank you.

Marta Slowik (Mississauga)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on September 11, 2015

Testmonials Ernestina Birova.-

Ernestina is the Realtor that you want on your team. She is very professional and highly knowledgeable, yet understanding. She has the ability to think on her feet. She displays integrity and takes an honest and passionate approach to her work and most importantly Ernestina works from her heart. If you are looking to have a pleasant experience with the sale or purchase of your home, I would absolutely recommend Ernestina.

Marta Slowik (Mississauga)

Barbara Derrick (Toronto)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on July 31, 2013

TestimonialsErnestina Birova recently helped my adult son and I find a condo in North York, which suited him perfectly. She worked swiftly, diligently and with great personal input. After negative experiences with another agent who could not comprehend his needs, and trying on our own, we found Ernestina. She helped us right away, found a terrific property and facilitated the entire process, magnificently! We are both completely satisfied and delighted!
Thank you, Ernestina!

Barbara Derrick  (Toronto)

Maria and Jonathan S. (North York)

Posted by Ernestina Birova on June 07, 2013

Testemonials -thumbs-up“We were referred to Ernestina by a friend while we were deciding whether to find our own house or hire a Buyer’s agent. We are glad we hired her and are very thankful for her help.

From the beginning she was very personable and really listened to what we were saying. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to find just what they are looking for. She respected our limits and understood our dreams. Ernestina explained our options to us very clearly without any pressure. She was advising us every step of the way with very pro-active approach looking out for our best interest – always in touch with us and replied to our requests almost immediately. And when the offer on our first choice of house failed due to unfavorable Inspection results, she did not miss a beat and with same enthusiasm continued to look for next property. Throughout the whole process we knew we were in good hands.

Her enthusiasm, professional attitude, and genuine interest to find the right property for us was impressive. Thank you Ernestina for everything!  Without a hesitation we will be referring her to anyone who needs trustworthy and dedicated Realtor.”

Maria and Jonathan S. (North York)